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What i bring to the table:



I’ve been around. I’ve done some things. let me leverage that for you.


[Ambidexterity: capacity to equally use both left and right]

effective marketing leverages both Creative (right brain) and Analytical (left-brain) thinking. I refer to this as “marketing ambidexterity.”

As reflected in my career path, design has always been my passion and garnered many accolades, but strategy that fired me up equally.

More than just making something visually appealing, I found myself asking deeper questions: Are we effectively utilizing current technology? How are we maximizing the talent of our staff? Are we effectively telling the story? Are our employees & customers truly statisfied? Was that actually effective?

For years I felt the need to focus in one area or the other, as if the two were battling for my attention. It wasn’t until I reframed it in relation to left or right handedness that I recognized they truly complimented each other. One who can utilize both hands is more productive than one utilizing just one or the other.

It is in that marriage of the strategy and the creative that I found my genius,

Creative Synergy.


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What Others Say

quality + speed

“I had the great pleasure of working with Brenda at a Start Up weekend where she was a volunteer coach. I was blown away at the quality of her design work, and ability to create unique brand-able designs & copywriting within a very tight timeframe. I've worked with many agencies and artists over the past 20 years, Brenda is one of the best!”

~ Kari Warberg Block, CEO of Earthkind

Positive attitude

“Brenda and I have been colleagues for many years now and we have worked together in a variety of different capacities. Brenda is an extremely creative and skilled designer able to come up with ideas on short notice. She is a creative thinker always with a positive attitude towards a project and is very easy to work with. Her positive attitude and creativity make her a valuable asset and in high demand.”

~ Chad Chelius, Adobe Certified Instructor

Fun & Productive

“There are not enough good things I can say about Brenda, as both a co-worker and a friend. Working for Brenda at Concordia allowed me to develop my design skills from someone who was both critical and understanding. She has a great eye for detail and understands what is needed to create good design. Her artistic sense of creativity has always amazed me. Her ambition to try new things and to constantly push the level where most people would feel comfortable, is admirable and inspiring. Brenda makes work both fun and productive and I would instantly recommend her to anyone.”

~ Jeff Knight

Team Strengths

“Working with Brenda was awesome. She is such a creative individual and knows how to bring people together to find creative solutions to problems by relying on the different strengths in her team.

It was just fun working with her and it was very inspiring working with someone as talented and kind as Brenda.”

~ Mark Chamberlain

Engaging + professional

“Brenda is an engaging, highly creative professional who always brings something fresh to the table. She has a bold, entrepreneurial spirit, yet also works extremely well in a collaborative setting. Her work is always top-notch and her professionalism makes her a joy to work with. She is number one on our "go-to" list of external resources. I would highly recommend Brenda for creative work.”

~ Roger Degerman


“Brenda was a star from the beginning of my project through launch. She was organized and communicated perfectly, so I always knew where I was at in the process. The outcome was a GREAT website that will really help me reach my audience. I would recommend anyone to work with Brenda, as she provides great services and superbly-designed deliverables.”

~ Charles Orlando, Author