Speaking Engagements

I have a passion for sharing my experience and a good story. At conferences or in the classroom, I love spending time with people and inspiring them to dream big, manage stress, and up their marketing game.

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Here are a few comments from previous engagements:

“Brenda, loved her presentation. Made me think. I'm at a place of change with work and it helped very much. Wouldn't change a thing.”

“Loved Brenda Levos. She was an amazing speaker and really pulled you in and kept you interested the entire time.”

“Brenda was great. I think I was able to bring a lot of what she said back to me to my office and apply it to my every day, especially since things seem to change every day.”

“She was great. I learned some things about not taking things to heart as much such as "Its not the end of the world".”

“Brenda—she was awesome!”

“Brenda was amazing and inspirational.”