Each client that I partner with has unique marketing needs - from startups looking to establish consistent branding, to the multi-million dollar organizations who just need some assistance in fine tuning or refreshing an existing branding strategy. I would love to open a conversation with how I might best support your work.

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It’s easy to be enamoured by a great logo or sexy visuals, but a strong strategic plan gets results. That plan should include both internal and external strategy.

I’ll work collaboratively with your team to craft strategy, establish SMART goals, and actively grow positive perception with both internal buy-in and marketing to external audiences.

For your brand to resonate authentically, it must be a reflection of your corporate culture. Branding cannot happen in a vacuum, your staff are brand ambassadors and need to be your greatest evangelists.

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Whether you have an internal team or prefer to work with a team of consultants, collaboration is the name of the game.

Internal staff should be integral in any branding changes. Often times, internal staff are too closely embedded in a current brand strategy to think outside of the box. Utilizing a coaching approach rather than completely outsourcing creative direction can be incredibly effective. For other companies, a completely fresh perspective can be valuable.

Decades of experience as a designer have fine tuned my ability to bridge the gap between the strategic thinking and practical execution process.

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While my work as a designer has been often requested, I have chosen to focus more intently on the bigger picture aspect of marketing consulting.

That’s not to say I am removing myself from the game completely, I still believe there is great value in being able to be agile and well versed in the tools of the trade. Don’t hesitate to inquire, if I am unavailable, I can assist in pairing you with someone.

I am well connected with exceptional independent writers, designers, developers, and printers. I am able to help hand pick those that will be more effective in executing your strategic plan.